Fazal J. Sirhandi

Fazal J. Sirhandi, President, Convenience Marketing & Consulting, Inc., Reston, Virginia.  Award citation:  “Presented to Fazal J. Sirhandi, President, Convenience Marketing & Consulting, Inc., in recognition of exceptional provisions for serving customers with disabilities at Sunset Hills Sunoco, Reston, Virginia.”   

Fazal J. Sirhandi is president of Convenience Marketing & Consulting, Inc., owner of Sunset Hills Sunoco, Subway Sandwiches & Salads and Aplus convenience store, 12191 Sunset Hills Road, in Reston. Mr. Sirhandi designed the premises so that from the outset all features would be safely and comfortably accessible to customers with mobility impairments. The interior considerations included restroom size and fittings, aisle widths, display heights, and counter heights. Access to the interior is facilitated by accessible parking, including a reserved space, access aisle and curb ramp all near the entrance and designed to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

The gas pumps all have call buttons and speakers at car-window height, so that a driver can speak with an employee inside. Mr. Sirhandi also makes a cell phone number available for gas customers who cannot leave their vehicles to pump gas. In response to a phone call requesting assistance, an employee promptly comes out to perform that task and handle payment. He opened his doors on April 20, 2007.  Presented May 26, 2010.

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