Kristina D. Petersen

Kristina D. Petersen, Senior Property Manager, Lincoln Property Company, Herndon, Virginia.   Award citation:  “Presented to Kristina D. Petersen, Senior Property Manager, Lincoln Property Company, in recognition of accessibility improvements at Hunters Woods Village Center, Reston, Virginia, December, 2009.”

In March, 2009, Reston Community Center (RCC) Executive Director, Leila Gordon, Hunters Woods Fellowship House Administrator, Luis Conde-Lopez, Reston Citizens Association President, Marion Stillson, and Reston Accessibility Committee Chairman, Ken Fredgren, contacted Ms. Petersen, asking if they could meet with her to discuss adding two additional accessible parking spaces for people shopping at the Center or visiting RCC or Fellowship House.

Ms. Petersen readily agreed to meet, and the five parties met on site April 1, 2009. She volunteered to convert three regular spaces across the parking lot traffic lanes and opposite an existing curb ramp to two accessible parking spaces with an access aisle between them. This also meant removing two short, parallel sections of curb bordering a narrow piece of landscaping and laying a concrete pathway through the new opening. In addition, she added a stenciled crosswalk there and several throughout the parking lot, connecting accessible parking spaces to curb ramps. The project was finished in December, 2009. (Her comment to RAC: “Really, it was just the right thing to do.”)  Presented May 26, 2010.

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