Sunrise Valley Center – 2

This project opened on April 9, 2013, and was closed on July 25, 2015. Unfortunately, management was not willing to make the few remaining improvements.

The center had two Accessible Parking Spaces (APSs), but five were required per the site plan approved by Fairfax County. The APS marked “van- accessible” was not, because the access aisle was six feet wide and not the eight feet width required by Virginia, Fairfax County and the ADA. Also, the four curb ramps did not have detectable warnings for the safety of blind or visually-impaired customers.

After a year of intransigence RAC contacted a County official, and in April, 2014, an inspector from the Fairfax County Department of Code Compliance met with the owners and explained the necessity of adding APSs to comply with the site plan.

On November 9, 2014, the owners’ contractor created new APSs per ADA specifications, and RAC expressed its gratitude for those improvements. Unfortunately, this was a complete do-over because the contractor did the job wrong the previous month.

Uncompleted items include replacing noncompliant accessible parking signs, making the lower end of curb ramps flush with the gutter as required by the ADA and DOJ, removing a Van Accessible sign from a space that is not van accessible, detectable warnings on curb ramps, and adding a curb ramp.