Tetra Management Services

Tetra Management Services, Reston, Virginia.   Award citation:  “Awarded to Tetra Management Services, Reston, Virginia, in recognition of accessibility improvements at Sunrise Valley Center, June, 2008”

Elvin Capestany, Jr., is Property Manager for Tetra Partnerships, owners of Sunrise Valley Center in Reston.  RAC contacted Tetra in February, 2008, about two curb ramps in the Center that were too steep to be used safely. We asked if they could be replaced by curb ramps with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-required slope ratio of 1:12.

Marion Stillson, President of Reston Citizens Association, and Ken Fredgren, Chairman of Reston Accessibility Committee, met with Mr. Capestany at the Center in March, and after Ms. Stillson demonstrated how dangerous and exhausting it was for her to conquer the slope in her manual wheelchair, he immediately understood the problem and embraced the idea of replacing the ramps. The work was completed in June, 2008.  Presented October 8, 2008.

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