Hartke Building

This project was begun August 9, 2013. During its September 5, 2015, meeting, RAC members voted to close the project as incomplete. Although there were numerous communications over the two years, ownership was not able to make the recommended ADA accessibility improvements.

History: In August, 2013, Hartke Building and RAC representatives by coincidence reached out to each other, concerning the parking and route of travel provided for customers with mobility disabilities. They met, and ADA-compliant improvements were outlined in writing by the RAC representative.

In December, 2013, a paving contractor hired by the building’s owners converted two parking spaces, intending that they serve clients with mobility disabilities, but he did the work incorrectly. The new spaces were on a sloped area of the parking lot (the maximum allowed slope is 1:50 in all directions), not on the required “shortest accessible route of travel” and an impractical curb ramp was created. He did install correct accessible parking signs, but they mark spaces which are legally and practically not accessible per ADA definitions.

RAC outlined again for the owners the compliant layout that was available close to the entrance. As of September 5, 2015, the owners were not able to make the improvements.