Accessibility terms used in this Summary

  • Access Aisle: The hash-marked area beside APSs which makes it possible to unload and load mobility devices.
  • Accessible Route: A safe and direct route marked by a hash-marked crosswalk between APS access aisles and the accessible entrance to a facility.
  • Curb Ramp: Provides access to a sidewalk. Has a max. running slope of 1:12, side flares and a landing. Smooth transition from gutter to bottom of ramp.
  • Landing: A level area prescribed by law in front of an entrance door that allows a mobility device user to safely focus on pulling a door handle.
  • Mobility Device: Wheelchair, powerchair, mobility scooter, walker, crutch, and cane.
1801 Old Reston Ave, at corner of Temporary Rd & Reston PkwyReplace 2 noncompliant signs; cut back shrubbery obscuring 1 sign; improve curb ramp slopes; improve accessible route; add automatic doorsClosed. Work not completed.Signs replaced, shrubbery cut back in Feb 2011; accessible route & automatic doors not done12/10/10February 2011
208 Elden St., Herndon, a commercial building with several tenants.Replace noncompliant accessible parking signs; resolve dangerous, noncompliant slopes in APSs and in the approaches to the entrances to Herndon Pharmacy and Medical Supply and Complete Health Chiropractic and Acupuncture.Property Manager Juan Valle has assured RAC of their desire to make the property accessible for customers with disabilities.  Mr. Valle lied to RAC about progress.  Project closed with no improvements over two years.7/13/17July 2019
1890 Preston White Dr., Reston 20191Replace 3 noncompliant accessible parking signs; widen 2 noncompliant access aisles; add 1 APS; add automatic door openers.Met with property manager, Elvin Capestany, Jr., on-site, 5/15/18.  Restriping done 7/19/18, compliant signs mounted 7/25/18.  Automatic door openers installed 1/31/19.Completed.5/15/18January 2019
1892 Preston White Dr., Reston 20191Owner is on-site: American College of Radiology1 APS has lateral slope of 4.1% & front-to-back slope of 4.8%.  Make that a regular space and create an APS and access aisle across from the main entrance; paint crosswalk from new access aisle across driveway; add curb ramps of two other access aisles; add automatic door opener.Spoke on phone with manager, Jan Cox, on 5/15/18 & followed up with details in an email same day withDOJ/ADA “Restriping Parking Spaces” document attached.5/15/18
Carrabba’s Restaurant, 12192 Sunset Hills RoadHas 2 APSs, but 3 are required by law and 4 are recommended by RAC; noncompliant signsCompleted. Total of 3 APSs w/access aisles.10/29/13, USPS certified mailJuly 2014
Cascades South Executive Center, 12040 South Lakes Dr.Reconfigure APSs, add access aisle and curb ramp; add accessible  parking signsCompleted.9/27/10May 2011
Department of Motor Vehicles, Richmond,
re: 100 Free Ct, Sterling office
Fox Mill Center, 2551 John Milton Dr. at Reston PkwyAdd 2 APS and signs, access aisle, crosswalk; replace noncompliant accessible parking signage.Completed.7/14/14September  13, 2014
Hartke Bldg, 11890 Sunrise Valley Dr.Has 1 reserved space w/ no curb ramp; 3 APSs required, including 1 van- accessible; need compliant signsClosed. Work not done.8/9/13September 2015
Herndon High School700 Bennett Dr.HerndonSlope of APSs have been noncompliant for years.  The extensive renovation is an opportunity to remedy that.Completed.8/28/18November 2019
Hidden Creek Country Club, 1711 Clubhouse Rd5 reserved spaces have no access aisles; no van accessible space; Need 7 APSs; noncompliant signs; need threshold lowered to ADA spec; need automatic door openerPromise from Gen. Mgr Victor Rodarte in 9/18/13 phone conversation to create APSs & evaluate door issue.  New Gen. Mgr, Eric Levin, completed restriping of 7 APSs, access aisles and crosswalks 6/5/18; compliant signs mounted 7/20/18.  Completed.7/23/13July 2018
Hook Road Recreation Area, between Hook Rd & Fairway Dr. Add accessible walkways throughout site; provide accessible routes to ballfields; add accessible restrooms on site; add APSs on site.Working group developing master plan that includes all recommendations except APSs. Tentatively scheduled to go to RA Board for approval in May 2018.12/4/17
Home DepotRelocate APSs; add access aisles & crosswalk; replace noncompliant signsCompleted 11/20/09July 2010
Hunters Woods Elementary School, 2401 Colts Neck Rd.Level the dangerously-sloped 2 APSs opposite the front entrance per ADA guidelines.  Add 2 APSs to accommodate visitors using mobility devices.Completed.In addition, on 9/14/17, FCPS installed a camera & automatic door opener at entrance #8 opposite the new APSs.12/14/16 August 18, 2017
Hunters Woods Village Center (1)Add 2 APSs, access aisle, curb cuts, crosswalksCompleted.3/23/09December 2009
Hunters Woods Village Center (2)In parking lot redesign, keep existing APSs and add moreOne APS with access aisle & crosswalk added. Completed.4/3/12June 2014
Inova Primary Care, 130 Park St., ViennaNo access aisles; no curb ramps; APS slopes to steep; missing signage.Inova’s ADA compliance manager “is looking into this property to determine next steps.”3/25/21
Kaiser Permanente (1) 1890 Metro Center Dr., off Sunset Hills RdReplace hazardous threshold @ lower-level entrance and 2 non-compliant accessible parking signs.Completed.2/6/11July 2011
Kaiser Permanente (2) 1890 Metro Center Dr.Level 5 APSs that have noncompliant slopes of 4.1%.Allan Aziz, property manager, is working on it.  Looks like leveling will occur spring 2021.Completed, plus improvements of several other existing APSs.8/26/20July 6, 2021
Lake Anne Fellowship House, 11450 North Shore Dr.Existing APSs outside the front entrance have dangerous slopes; convert those spaces to regular spaces and create new APSs in a level parking area.  Add access aisles to other APSs on the side of the building, and improve the slope of ramp to the side entrance.Active.9/2/15
Lake Anne Reston Condo Assn (LARCA), 11402  Washington Plaza NorthProcure portable APSs signs for use during the Saturday Reston Market, which covers 4 existing APSs on those mornings; install 2 curb ramps; replace noncompliant APS signs; add APSs; paint crosswalk and walkway; repair asphalt; create a ramp with handrails.12-page Accessibility Assessment delivered to Susan Cassell, property manager, 11/28/17.Closed with only asphalt repair not done.  Good APS and walkways.The “ramp with handrails” was suggested for the smaller lot which is owned separately from LARCA, & the owner would not consider the improvements. 11/28/17July 17, 2021
Lake House11450 Baron Cameron AveRestripe existing APSs and access aisle to meet width requirements.  Add a crosswalk from the access  aisle to the brick walkway.  Repair asphalt rough spots for the crosswalk.  Raise the level of the driveway where it meets the brick walkway to eliminate lip.  Install an automatic door opener for the front entrance.7/17/17: Restriping and  crosswalk completed.6/30/17
North Hills ParkCenter Harbor Rd & N. Village RdCreate 1 regular & 1 Van APS; create accessible pathway from APSs to pavilion & from pavilion to playground; provide 2 accessible picnic tables; make grill, fountain, trash/recycling receptacles, & restroom accessible.Larry Butler, RA COO, accompanied by a contractor and a landscape architect, visited the park in July, 2020, and has agreed to RAC’s suggested improvements.  Work will begin in 2022.4/23/20
North Point Village Center (1)Add access aisles & crosswalks; replace noncompliant signs; relocate 2 APSs for safetyCompleted.10/16/09February 2011
North Point Village Center (2) – BB&T BankImprovements not completed in NPVC project listed above. Replace steep curb ramp; relocate APSs.Completed.10/16/09March 2013
Pony Barn Park, Corner of Steeplechase Dr. and Triple Crown Rd.Create APS, an access aisle and an accessible route from the parking lot to the picnic pavilion.  Make grill, water fountain, a picnic table, and toilet facilities accessible.Nov 16, 2017: RA Board approved the accessibility features plus renovation of the park overall.Completed. 11/13/15June 2019
Reston Corner, 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr. (1)RA headquartersReconfigure & restripe APSs; add access aisles; add 1 level APS for Van Accessible parking; replace noncompliant signs; add automatic doorsCompleted.Jan 2010September  2010
Reston Corner
12001 Sunrise Valley Dr. (2)RA headquarters
Redesign steeply-sloped APSs to meet ADA slope requirement of 2% maximum. Completed.  3 regular spaces converted to 2 Van APSs and access aisle.  Curb ramp added.8/10/17June 2018
Reston Corner, 12007 Sunrise Valley Dr.Add automatic entrance doors and replace clinic door; add access aisles, curb ramps; reduce slope of existing APSs; replace noncompliant signsCompleted.9/28/09May 2014
Reston Hospital CenterRelocate some APSs to more accessible locations; add APSs, curb ramps & curb cuts, crosswalks, detectable warnings, accessible parking signs. Completed.9/26/12 April 2013
Reston Post Office 11110 Sunset Hills RdReplace 2 noncompliant accessible parking signs & install missing 3rd sign.Completed.3/24/14September  2014
Silver Diner Reston & Fair OaksAccessible parking signs not compliant with Fairfax County regs; Reston APSs do not meet ADA regs for maximum slope.Accessibility Assessment sent 7/20/15 to Robert Giaimo, CEO. Photos and ADA regs included. including photos.Completed.7/20/15 Spring 2016
South Lakes Village CenterRelocate 3 existing APSs; add 4 APSs, 1 curb ramp, 2 detectable warnings, 2 crosswalks.Completed.5/21/12January  2013
South Lakes Village Center (2)The 2 APSs behind Safeway had been changed so that only one was functional.  Restripe 2 APSs and access aisle.Completed9/24/18October  31, 2018
Southgate Community CenterRestripe parking lot; relocate accessible parking sign from in front of access aisle to front of APS. Completed.6/27/12September 2012
The SpectrumAdd & relocate APSs, access aisles, curb ramps, crosswalk.Completed.11/25/08December  2010
Sunrise Valley Center (1)Replace 2 steep curb ramps w/2 properly-sloped curb ramps.Completed.2/20/08June 2008
Sunrise Valley Center (2)Has 2 APSs, but 5 are required per approved FC site plan; van- accessible space not to code; need detectable warningsClosed. Added 3 APSs, but work not completed.4/9/13July 2015
Sunrise Valley Center (3)Two APS in front of Reston Barber Shop have front-to-back slope of 4.9%.  Convert them to regular spaces, and  convert regular spaces in front of O’Donnell’s Jewelers to 2 APSs and access aisle, taking advantage of existing curb ramp at that location.  Install 2 accessible parking signs.After meeting on 5/15/18 w/Elvin Capestany, Jr., sent email same day with details outlined.Work completed Oct 20185/15/18October  2018
Sunrise Valley Technology ParkAdd 1 APS, access aisle & curb ramp to serve Comcast Studio; replace noncompliant signageCompleted.1/27/10March 2011
Sunset Hills Professional CenterAdd access aisles, curb ramps, relocate existing curb ramps, replace 8 noncompliant signsClosed.  Connecting curb ramps not installed.  Work not completed.8/11/09August  2012
Temporary Road Park
Temporary Rd & N. Shore Dr.
Create 1 regular & 1 Van APS; create accessible pathway from APSs to pavilion & from pavilion to playground; provide 2 accessible picnic tables; make grill, fountain, bulletin board, trash/recycling receptacles, & restroom accessible.Larry Butler, RA COO, accompanied by a contractor and a landscape architect,  visited the park in July, and has agreed to RAC’s suggested improvements.7/18/20
United Bank
1900 Centennial Park Dr.
Level or relocate APS; lengthwise slope is 8.9%; max. allowed is 2%.  Doors are too hard to open; adjust door closers to max. 5# pressure, or install automatic door openers.Email to District Mgr Oct 11 2018.  She forwarded to facilities dept, same day.Through months of outreach, Un Bk contacts were nonresponsive.RAC voted to close this project.10/11/18November  2019
Village Rd pedestrian refuge
Village Rd & Baron Cameron Ave
Walker Nature Center, 11450 Glade Dr.Several improvements outlined to accommodate patrons with sensory & physical disabilitiesSept 2014-Sept 2016: Door pressure adjusted; Braille signs installed next to restroom doors; ADA-compliant thresholds installed at entrance to Community Room; blow-dryer addition installed in restroom; longer grab bars installed; trail gap filled; compliant APS sign installed; bracket installed at rear water fountain.  Additional ADA improvements pending.6/19/14
Woodland Park Crossing 12950-12976 Highland Crossing Dr, HerndonAdd 5 APSs to surface parking lot; add 1 curb ramp to left side; add curb cut, landing, long ramp, and handrails on Moby Dick side. Add 1 crosswalk and 1 hash-marked walkway.Met with JBG Retail rep on site 7/7/15. Emailed Accessibility Assessment to her same day. Photos and ADA regs provided.  Completed.7/7/15January 2020