Woodland Park Crossing

  1. The area along Woodland Crossing Dr has no Accessible Parking Spaces (APSs). The ideal location for APSs and access aisles is in the strip of nine regular parking spaces adjacent to the sidewalk along Corporate Park Dr. in the surface parking lot.  A crosshatched walkway should be painted from the spaces along the driveway up to the driveway apron.
  2. The sidewalk along Woodland Park Dr. is interrupted by curbs on both sides of the parking lot driveway apron. Per ADA guidelines, each side should have a curb ramp.

Another important ADA requirement is that APSs must be located “on the shortest accessible route of travel to an accessible facility entrance.”

Said curb ramps would facilitate travel to and from the parking lot and to and from establishments on both sides of the street for customers, diners, etc., using mobility devices.

As it stands, a customer using a mobility device when leaving or entering the parking lot has to enter the street to get to the pedestrian crossing at the Corporate Park Dr. corner. A diner going to buy a meal at Panera or at Manhattan Pizza has to cross at the Corporate Park Dr. intersection, travel the whole length of the sidewalk on the other side of the street (Next Day Blinds, P. J. Mulligans), cross at that far corner and double back to the businesses on the Panera side of the street. Having finished his/her business, the customer then has to retrace his/her route to the other side of the street to return to the parking lot – again going into the street to access the parking lot. A dangerous maneuver.

A crosswalk will be needed to connect the two proposed curb ramps, warning drivers entering and leaving the surface and underground parking lots.

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